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The Old Roman Catholic Church in Europe is a Province currently consisting of eight dioceses serving sixteen countries across the European continent. The ORCCE enjoys fellowship with the Universal Church through the International Council of Community Churches, the World Council of Churches and various other international ecumenical bodies. In 1911 the Old Roman Catholic Church was recognised as an autocephalous Church by the Orthodox Patriarchates of Antioch and Alexandria in 1912.

The Province of Europe seeks to draw together Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions in a mutual communion through the love of the Lord Jesus. To become together a single, visible communion able to interact, cooperate and collectively represent orthodox Old Roman Catholicism to other churches and the world. Through the accidents of history and human frailty and the ravages of time, Old Roman Catholic communities became disassociated from each other. The Province of Europe is an opportunity to overcome the practicalities of distance and difference, embracing contemporary communication technologies to reconnect our dispersed brethren and attempt to rebuild the familial ties that ought to exist between brothers of the same inheritance, of the same faith and of the same mission. Thus together, to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation and preach the one holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith.


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